The Only Adored Child of My Mother

Once again I don’t know why I’m writing such a dauntless but so common topic but whatsoever it is what it is let’s just talk about it.

         Those were days, story begins from my childhood when we (My small & Sweet family) used to live in a chaul (A small row house) that was an era. When Tom and Jerry was desperately active in that little house (Me & My brother). We always used to fight with each other on those small childish silly things which had no ending no solution except consolation by dad or mom in their own way and I clearly remember my dad admonishing me and my brother in his very simple way, very lucid and understandable. “You should forgive each other and get over your mistakes”, He always used to say but we never understood it completely. ‘But’ yeah there is always this ‘but’ word which always makes things more bit interesting. My mother her way of admonishing used to start with broom & end with smile on her face and tears bursting from our eyes. Sometimes after quarrel between me brother, when it comes to mom we used to start talking in couple of minutes just to know what she is going to try on us today, she experimented less in cooking and more on scolding us, I guess so.

If those were so harsh memories then why I just keep them in mind, why I ponder them so much. There were several allusions which we never understood back then but we are deciphering them now a days. In retrospect, I still remember when it get tougher to rebuke us together she used another way of doing it by one after another, important thing she never shirk instantly. Whenever my brother used to get rebuked, that churlish mirth on my face was not less than scar on the face of Heath Ledger. But same used to happen with me, when I used to get to the place where he was standing, that treacherous smile on his face used to make dark knight in me feel more fervent. On the spur of that moment I used to burst out with unstoppable debate, babbling about anything. Interesting thing was that it was the place where mom used to play the role of my opponent and judge both simultaneously, it means all my energy I spent on those precious prattle was in vain. But I never stop that meaningless murmuring even if I’m talking to myself. I don’t know how does that thing come to my mind, at first mom was quit dumbfound but then she burst out laughing just because she found it funny or she just wanted to ignore it. I never know and I never asked her & there is no need of that anymore. When I said “He (My bro) is your only adored child” I really meant it, and why I said it, just to get him punished with me on that day but my plan failed.

Just like Tom and Jerry we used to fight, but the only difference here was jerry used to get bitten more times than tom as I was little bit naughtier than tom. Alias of ‘Chaota Shaitan’ was more than appropriate for me. Those curt words “He is your only adored child” remain still in our minds. We get older, mom stop using those brooms on us not just because we were getting older tough we were slowly started to understand what was it all about. The way she brought us, the way she taught us, indoctrinated us with all the mannerism. Being thankful to her it’s like throwing salt in sea water which is never going to saturate it, I just can’t explain it in words how lucky I’m to be her son. I don’t want to celebrate only one day of each year for her by saying “Happy mother’s day” it’s more than that, I don’t need to like any post Facebook on to share to prove that how much I love my mother. I don’t have to post this piece of writing on mother day to prove that actually I remember that today is mother’s day and I have to post a long listed blog to share my feeling with this virtual world. She is my mother and she had all of my time and she will always have. It’s not because she adored me or my brother more but she taught us what is meant to be Brothers.

         I will always remember those abruptly said words. Will she also remember them as I do?


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